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We Start By Listening to Your Story

You have a story to tell. Whether your case involves family law, criminal defense, child support or any of the practice areas our full-service law firm handles, you will want to tell us how you found yourself in your current situation. We want to listen. We want to listen not only because we know you need to get things off your chest…

We Build a Legal Strategy Based on Your Goals

Once we know what your goals are, we will build a legal strategy. When we use the word strategy, we mean it. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys do not believe in bulldog-style representation, because that style’s unchecked aggression is more likely to prove ineffective due to all of the solutions that are overlooked during the race to tear the opponent apart…

We Are A Detailed, Dependable & Diligent Las Vegas Law Firm

As we build a legal strategy, we will keep you involved. You will understand the thought process that led us to the suggestions we make, and you will be made aware of the various alternatives and the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, unlike other attorneys, you will be sent a copy of any document or correspondence filed, sent or received in your case…

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Practice Areas

Pecos Law Group is a full-service law firm that serves Henderson and Las Vegas.

Family Law

Family law issues are almost always stressful and worrisome. Whether it’s divorce or child custody issues,you will find peace of mind when you enlist the Pecos Law Group. You will feel confident that your rights will be protected when you have one of our experienced attorneys on your side.

You will benefit directly from our lawyers’ experience, because you will work one on one with your attorney. ..

Writs and Appeals

Judges and juries are not perfect. The results of a trial can affect you for a lifetime. If you lost your case at trial and the judge or jury made a mistake, you may be able to appeal the judgment. Likewise, if during the litigation, the judge makes an order that might cause you to suffer irreparable harm, but an appeal is not allowed, you may be able to seek a writ from the Nevada Supreme Court to correct the problem…

Second Opinions

When facing an important decision that will have a major impact on your life, it might be advisable that you do not only rely on one opinion. Just like visiting the doctor and receiving a diagnosis, if you have questions about your legal rights and options regarding a family law issue it is not unreasonable to seek out a second opinion. And just like a pressing medical concern, time is of the essence in a legal matter because there are statutory deadlines…


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Financial analysis, assistance and solutions


Pecos Law Group has an unparalleled department of financial professionals to assist in all aspects of your divorce case. Pecos Law Group is the only law firm in the state to have a Certified Public Account, an M.B.A. and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst on staff.

Las Vegas QDRO

Some call them Quatros.  Others call them Kudros. The term “QDRO,” which is an acronym, stands for “Qualified Domestic Relations Order.”  Unless you have gone through a divorce and had a qualified retirement plan, you probably have never heard of this term

A QDRO is an order issued in a divorce proceeding for a retirement plan to pay a spouse or former spouse his or her community property rights in a retirement plan.  A QDRO can also order the plan to pay child support and/or alimony to a spouse, former spouse, child or other dependent of the plan participant.

Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer

Looking for a top rated Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer?

No law firm in Las Vegas has more family law experience than Pecos Law Group. When you need to pick the best representation, one law firm will stand out. That is Pecos Law. Divorce is a difficult time and no one has more experience than we do in helping you through this time.

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