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Featured Question: How Do I Save Money On My Las Vegas Divorce?

A common question we would often receive when representing clients would concern saving money during the course of your Las Vegas Divorce. Often times the mood and flow of your divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster as each spouse deals with the ever changing emotions of each aspect of their case. Often cases seem destined to be open and shut easy negotiations until something arises that will trigger an emotional response from one of the parties often resulting in a stalemate of sorts in the case. These are areas that often can not be foreseen by other parties and all will have some effect on the overall cost of your divorce. Of course with that being said, often times it is exactly the opposite. Opposing sides will often reach a conclusion through their legal representation and avoid having to battle in courts for a fair settlement.
Remember, when hiring a divorce lawyer it is a major financial commitment. A Las Vegas family law attorney can cost you anywhere from $250.00 an hour to $700.00 an hour. Although more money does not necessarily mean you will have a better lawyer, to a large extent, you get what you pay for. While not every divorce action necessitates extensive discovery, expert witnesses and depositions, minimal investigation is required in virtually every divorce.

One of the biggest complaints levied at attorneys is that we do not return telephone calls. While it is our practice to return telephone calls the same day, or at latest, within 24 hours of receiving any message, if we were to take every call from every client every day, we would never have time to do the work you hired us for. Further, if you call your lawyer every time you have any question, your money will go quickly. In order to minimize your frustration, let me offer some suggestions:

1. Consolidate your calls and emails. Rather than call your attorney every time you have a question, write down your questions and unless it is an emergency, consolidate your questions into one call or email, rather than three or four. Most lawyers will charge you a minimum fee for any telephone conversation so you can save money by calling fewer times. Most attorneys do not mind taking your telephone calls whenever you have a question, but you may not like it much when you get your bill at the end of the month. Further, many lawyers charge less for an emails than telephone conversations. More important, if your lawyer doesn’t know the answer off the top of his head and have to charge you for a second call, he or she can research and email you with an appropriate answer. More important, you don’t have to try to remember what your lawyer told you or misunderstand what you were told, you have a written record.

2. Whenever possible, speak with your lawyer’s staff. Staff can generally answer most non-legal questions and you are billed less, if at all, for their time.

3. Organize your documents, thoughts and promptly provide your attorney with any information or answers he or she requests. Every time an attorney has to follow up or request information a second time, it costs you money.

At Pecos Law Group, our priority is your case and your reprsentation. If you are in need of a divorce or other Las Vegas Family Law related issues, we urge you to contact us today at 702-388-1851.


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