The Pecos Law Group is available to represent clients in all types of administrative law matters. You or your business will benefit directly from our lawyers’ experience, because you will work one on one with your lawyer. The path your case follows will be customized based on you or your business’ needs. You will be involved at every step, so you can be confident that the right approach is being taken.


Attorney, Stephen R. Minagil of Pecos Law Group, was formerly general counsel for the Southern Nevada Health District which is the public entity having jurisdiction over all public health matters in Clark County.  Having served the Health District in its regulation of anything from food establishments to solid waste disposal, Mr. Minagil has a deep understanding as to how administrative agencies carry out their authorized duties.  Persons affected by enforcement actions have a right to contest such actions including through administrative hearing and judicial review.  Mr. Minagil has been practicing law in Nevada since 1977, and he, along with our experienced attorneys and staff, is available to help navigate you or your business through any regulatory, licensing or enforcement issues you or your business may face.


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