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Personal Injury and Accidents


Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents can happen within a split second, but the effects may last a lifetime. It is recommended that whether you are the victim of a vehicle crash or a slip and fall, you should get to a safe location and photograph, video, etc., the scene or property damage as soon as you are able. The next thing most people do is file an insurance claim with either their insurance company, or the at fault driver’s company, or both. Do not speak with the insurance company without legal representation, even if it is your own company. Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, it is their bottom line that is on their mind.  At Pecos Law Group, we ensure that you receive the treatment necessary to heal, along with a legal team who will fight for you when dealing with the insurance companies.


Motorcycle Accidents.

Everyone who rides motorcycles (and those who do not) know how dangerous motorcycles can be especially when riding in heavy traffic. Motorcycles are hard to see. Oftentimes, drivers are focused upon observing other cars, not motorcycles. Some motorcyclists ride unsafely and too fast. There is little protection for a motorcyclist who crashes. Injuries are almost always more severe, as flesh and bone easily succumb to asphalt or the steel of another vehicle. Motorcyclists have a saying: “There are two types of riders – those who have gone down or those who are going to.”

The inherent danger of riding a motorcycle, however, does not excuse the negligence of other drivers whose duty is to act reasonably and safely on the road. A motorcyclist who is riding safely and consistent with the traffic laws is blameless. Unfortunately, many people believe that a motorcyclist should be held responsible to some extent for the mere decision to ride a motorcycle rather than drive a car on Nevada roadways. These individuals may sometimes end up on a jury. The lawyers at Pecos Law Group have jury trial experience and know how to educate a jury to remove any bias against a motorcyclist who is the victim of someone else’s negligent driving. Such experience is crucial in securing a verdict that will fully compensate you for the serious injuries that are so often involved in these cases.


Slip and Falls/Premises Liability

An owner of a store, hotel, restaurant, or other business has a duty to provide a reasonably safe premises for individuals who enter. This means that precautions must be taken for your safety while you are visiting. If you slip and fall while inside the business, you likely have a claim against the owner for personal injury when the owner either knew or should have known that a danger existed. For example, when an owner fails to hire someone to walk the store premises to check for spills or other hazards, that owner will likely be held responsible for injuries stemming from a hazard that the owner should have known about and fixed. If a slippery substance spills onto the floor in a grocery store, it can remain on the floor undisturbed until another shopper falls on the substance and sustains serious injury. If the owner cannot show that reasonable precautions were taken, such as routine inspections, then the owner will have to pay for the injuries and damages that result. On the other hand, if the owner does take reasonable precautions and, in our example, the spill occurs a minute after the area was inspected, then the owner may not be held responsible because he/she acted reasonably diligent in discovery the hazard.

The facts in a slip and fall case are extremely important in determining whether you have a valid claim. Our attorneys at Pecos Law Group are experienced in successfully handling slip and fall cases. If you have suffered an injury on someone’s business premises, our attorneys are ready to evaluate your case and pursue it until we secure the compensation you deserve.


Dog Bites

Unlike other states, Nevada does not have a statute for strict liability for dog bites. Strict liability dog bite statutes essentially state that dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by their dog biting someone else.

Despite the fact that Nevada has no specific statute regarding dog bites, a dog owner may still be liable for the injuries caused by a dog biting another person. Some things that can cause a dog owner to be liable is if the dog has previously bitten someone else and the owner knew about it, if the dog behaves menacingly or dangerously while off-leash, or if the owner was violating the law (such as a leash law) when the bite occurred.

In Nevada, typically dog bites are litigated as negligence, and a victim may be entitled to recover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and, in extreme cases, possibly even for wrongful death.

If you or a loved one have suffered damages related to a dog bite, the attorneys at Pecos Law Group can help you determine the extent of your possible claims against the dog’s owner. Our attorneys are ready to evaluate your case with a consultation.


Medical Malpractice

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and work hard to live up to that oath by improving the lives of their patients. However, doctors are no more infallible than anyone else. They make mistakes and sometimes these mistakes have serious consequences. Everyone has heard stories of a doctor removing the wrong limb during an amputation, leaving an object inside someone’s body during a surgery, failing to diagnose a life-threatening disease, etc. When a doctor falls below the standard of care, he/she becomes liable for the resulting damages. However, a jury will often start out wanting to give a doctor the benefit of the doubt, so you need experienced and aggressive attorneys who can properly present your case and secure the maximum damages that you deserve.

If you have suffered injuries or damages as a result of medical negligence, the attorneys at Pecos Law Group would like to evaluate your case and discuss it with you.


Criminal Acts

Even if there are criminal charges already filed and pending against the perpetrator of a crime, the victim of that crime may still have a claim for a civil cause of action against the perpetrator. In fact, Nevada Revised Statute 41.133 states that a judgment of conviction of a crime is “conclusive evidence” of the facts necessary for civil liability for an injury. While a criminal act may not necessarily automatically mean that the perpetrator is liable civilly, sometimes a civil lawsuit can result in a larger damages award to the victim.

  • Assault & Battery

An assault is when an individual intentionally places another individual in reasonable apprehension of immediate harmful or offensive touching without the victim’s consent, causing damages. Similarly, a battery is the actual harmful or offensive contact. So, for example, if an individual hits someone in the face, the “assault” part of it is the victim’s anticipation of being hit, and the “battery” part of it is actually being hit.

In Nevada, not only are assault and battery crimes, but they can also lead to civil liability.

In order for there to be civil liability for an assault, the perpetrator intentionally placed the victim in reasonable apprehension of immediate harmful or offensive touching, the perpetrator intended to harmfully or offensively touch the victim, the victim did not consent to the contact, the victim was put in apprehension of the contact, and the victim incurred damages caused by the assault.

For a battery, a civil claim may arise when a perpetrator uses willful and unlawful force or violence against the victim, causing harmful or offensive contact with the victim, the perpetrator intended to cause harmful or offensive contact, the contact occurred, and the victim incurred damages caused by the battery.

If you believe you may have a civil claim against someone for assault and battery, the attorneys at Pecos Law Group can help you evaluate and discuss your potential civil claim.

  • Shooting Accidents

Nevada does not have particularly strict firearms laws, and accidental shootings happen. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in 2019, accidents were the second-leading cause of death in Clark County. Per the CDC, in 2017, the firearm deaths rate for Nevada was 16.7, as opposed to 12.0 nationally.

Even when a shooting is accidental, if someone is injured due to an accidental shooting, they may have a civil case against the shooter. These situations can be considered negligence. Both the owner of the accidentally discharged firearm as well as the property owner of the location where the accidental shooting took place could potentially be liable for damages caused as a result of the accidental shooting. In fact, Nevada even has a statute – Nevada Revised Statute 41.472 – which states that a parent or guardian of a minor child may be held liable for a minor child’s use of a firearm if some conditions apply.

Any accident is unfortunate, but if negligence played a role in a shooting accident, an experienced attorney at Pecos Law Group can help a victim evaluate their options to recover for their injuries.

  • Negligent Security and Premises Liability

Las Vegas is, obviously, a major tourist destination. Places like casinos and hotels have a duty to take reasonable measures to keep their premises safe for guests but, sometimes, they do not do so.

If an individual is the victim of a robbery, assault, or other crime at one of these properties, and the crime occurred due to a lack of adequate security by the property owner, there may be a cause of action against the property owner for negligence. Some examples of this negligence include things like inadequate lighting or insufficient security.

If you believe you have been the victim of a crime that was due to negligent security at a place where you should have had an expectation of safety, our attorneys at Pecos Law Group are ready to meet with you for a consultation.

  • Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Older and Vulnerable Individuals

Nevada Revised Statute 41.1395 allows for a personal injury or wrongful death action to be brought on behalf of an older or vulnerable person when that person was injured or died due to abuse and neglect. This statute covers both older individuals (those over 60 years of age), or a vulnerable person, who is someone with a physical, mental, medical, or psychological impairment or disability.

These actions can cover abuse (willful infliction of pain or injury, or the deprivation of necessities like food and shelter), neglect (the failure of the person who is legally responsible for the victim to provide proper food, shelter, clothing, etc.), or exploitation (obtaining wrongful control over money or assets or stealing the victim’s money or assets).

If you believe you may have a strong civil case for abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an older or vulnerable person, a Pecos Law Group attorney can discuss the case with you and help you determine the best course of action.

  • Domestic Violence

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), nearly half of Nevada women and over one-third of Nevada men will experience intimate partner violence, sexual assault, or stalking in their lifetimes. Nevada consistently ranks in the top five states in the nation for domestic violence fatalities.

Nevada Revised Statute 41.134 allows for a civil action against a perpetrator of domestic violence for injury or damage to real and personal property. Victims in these cases may recover for things like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by the domestic violence.

  • Other Crimes That Can Lead to Civil Liability

In addition to the examples listed on this website, a number of other crimes can also lead to civil liability. Nevada Revised Statute 41.1396 allows for a victim of child pornography may sue anyone who promoted or possessed the film or photograph. The statute stated damages for this are “deemed to be at least $150,000,” and that the victim may use a pseudonym in court proceedings.

Similarly, victims of human trafficking can also bring civil lawsuits against their traffickers under Nevada Revised Statute 41.1399. That statute allows for the recovery of both compensatory and punitive damages.

Another civil cause of action allowed by the Nevada Revised Statutes, at 41.690, is hate crimes. The statute states that if an individual suffered injury as the proximate result of several different types of actions listed in the statute, and the perpetrator was “motivated by the injured person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression” may bring a civil action for actual and punitive damages.

If you have been the victim of a crime that caused you to incur damages, an experienced attorney at Pecos Law Group can help you decide whether a civil lawsuit is right for you.

In addition to automobile accidents, dog bites, and criminal acts, Pecos Law Group may also help you with the following injuries:


Boat Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Legal Malpractice

Pedestrian Accidents

Product Defects

Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death

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