• When Child Custody Remedies Aren’t Enough: Tortious Custodial Interference

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    Though it does not
    happen often, sometimes a parent encounters a situation in which the other
    parent or a third party has wrongfully withheld a child from that parent for an
    extended period or has alienated a child from that parent to the point that
    reunification may not be possible or take a…

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  • Which Family Court Judge is Right for Your Case?

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    I am often “told” by prospective clients
    that they want a certain gender representing him or her in their divorce. While
    it is certainly up to an individual whom they choose to represent him or her in
    a divorce action, it is up to attorney to give the appropriate advice.  The “best…

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  • Bruce I. Shapiro of Pecos Law Group

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    Pecos Law Group is proud to announce that attorney
    Bruce Shapiro’s most recent article, “Establishing and Developing a New Family
    Law Practice:  Part 4:  Marketing, has been published in the Winter
    2019 issue of the Nevada Family Law Reporter.

              This most recent article describes how
    lawyers should always market themselves and opines that…

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  • “I Feel Like I’m Being Watched”: Spying by Family Law Litigants

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    Those who own and
    use smartphones are likely aware of the lack of real privacy present in today’s
    world. Perhaps you’ve noticed Facebook ads for items you previously Googled. Maybe
    you were the victim of ransomware on your computer, resulting in a loss of
    important documents.  

              These issues are particularly relevant
    in family…

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  • Nevada Divorce Cases 101

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    Family court has its own
    procedural rules, which is why it is important to hire an attorney experienced
    in the field to handle your case. The following is a simplified, bare-bones
    outline of what you can expect during your divorce case:

    Hiring an attorney: You will likely
    consult with at least one attorney before…

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  • Deviating from Nevada’s Child Support Presumptions

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    Part 1: Introduction and NRS

    Child Support Enforcement Amendments of 1984 required all states to develop
    advisory mathematical guidelines to calculate child support awards by October
    1, 1987.  As a result, the Nevada
    legislature enacted NRS 125B.070 and 125B.080 in 1987, which statutes were
    modeled after Wisconsin’s percentage of income formula.

    Family Support…

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  • Law School Without the Law Degree?

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    Law school
    enrollment has seen some interesting trends in the last two decades. From 1976
    to 2000, law school enrollment grew steadily. Then, between 2000 and 2002, law
    schools increased their first-year enrollment by 11%. This increase continued
    and peaked at 2010 at 52,404 incoming law students (compared to about $43,000
    in the year…

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    so than in other courts, decisions made by family court judges involve
    significant discretion.  Judges are human
    and fallible.  Their personal biases,
    philosophies, and life experiences influence their rulings and “tip the scales”
    in their decision making.  That’s why the
    lawyers at Pecos Law Group believe that knowing your judge is almost as important

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    In Nevada, the district court has authority to modify a support order only upon the finding of a factual or legal change in circumstances since the entry of the last order. Rivero v. Rivero, 125 Nev. Adv. Op. 34, 25, 216 P.3d…

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  • Experienced Nevada Appellate Attorneys

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    Experienced Nevada Appellate Attorneys

    Pecos Law Group has experienced Nevada Appellate lawyers to handle your Nevada Supreme Court appeals.  Not all attorneys are appeals lawyers.  Appellate representation in the Nevada Supreme Court requires specific skill and experience.  Judges are not perfect, and you are not necessarily stuck with a poor…

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