At Pecos Law Group, we believe our time, our experience and the information we have to offer has substantial value and therefore we charge a fee for our initial client consultations.  Our initial consultations provide:

  1. A detailed discussion of what you and your spouse earn, expend, own and owe.
  1. If child custody is at issue, an exploration of the facts underlying what is in the “best interest” of your child or children under Nevada custody law.
  1. A framework for the division and distribution of assets in liabilities under Nevada divorce law.
  1. An evaluation under Nevada alimony law as to your potential rights or obligations given the specific facts of your case.
  1. The procedural aspects of divorce in Nevada, the timing of a divorce and the overall strategy to achieve your objects.  This may include “divorce planning.”
  1. The estimated costs and expenses related to obtaining a divorce in your specific case.

The initial consultation is a valuable means of assessing the facts of your case and how those facts apply to Nevada law, for the purpose of providing you with a working knowledge of your rights, obligations and strategic options in a Las Vegas divorce proceeding or other legal matter.  Initial consultations are both confidential and subject to the attorney-client privilege.  They are an excellent means of providing you with the information necessary for you to make an informed decision about your legal options. For an initial consultation with one of experienced Las Vegas family lawyers please call 702.388.1851.  An appointment may usually be scheduled for the same day or the following day.

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