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Curtis Rawlings has handled cases involving nearly every injury and loss including traumatic brain injuries, severe spinal injuries, psychological injuries such as P.T.S.D., loss of earning capacity and lost wages, claims for future medical treatments and damages, loss of consortium, negligent infliction of emotional distress, etc. He possesses the ability and experience to take a case through a jury trial if and when the insurance company refuses to fairly compensate for injuries, pain and suffering, and the inconvenience caused by an insured’s negligence.

Mr. Rawlings has lived in Las Vegas his entire life. He graduated from Bonanza High School, attained his undergraduate degree from B.Y.U., and secured his law degree from Gonzaga Law School. He has worked both as a personal injury attorney aggressively pursuing the highest level of compensation for his clients while, at the same time, working as defense counsel to secure fair results given the facts of a particular accident and the injuries involved. Working both sides of personal injury cases for approximately 20 years has provided Mr. Rawlings the unique perspective and skill to effectively value a case, assess a realistic outcome, and pursue that outcome in an effective manner whether that means settlement negotiations, arbitration, mediation, bench trials, or jury trials. Mr. Rawlings also acts as an arbitrator in the court-annexed arbitration program which provides the additional insight of reviewing dozens of cases, assessing attorney’s arguments on both sides of a case, weighing the merits, and deciding outcomes. If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, Mr. Rawlings has the knowledge, experience, and skill to exploit every fact to maximize results and achieve the highest recovery possible.

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