When facing an important decision that will have a major impact on your life, it might be advisable that you do not only rely on one opinion. Just like visiting the doctor and receiving a diagnosis, if you have questions about your legal rights and options regarding a family law issue it is not unreasonable to seek out a second opinion. And just like a pressing medical concern, time is of the essence in a legal matter because there are statutory deadlines. You should seek out a firm that is experienced in family law matters that can quickly and accurately assess your situation. We know that in any profession there are judgment calls about strategy and that competent, reasonable professionals can differ in how to approach and resolve any given issue. Throughout Nevada, people seek out Pecos Law Group because we offer thorough and clear second opinions regarding all types of family law issues. Each of our attorneys has over 15 years of experience in the family law arena and it is the primary area of focus for our firm. We understand the complex legal and emotional issues that many family law matters present. We take the time to listen, educate and think through every possibility for our clients.


There are many situations where seeking a second opinion from our lawyers can help you make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. For instance:

  • Are you being advised to sign a prenuptial agreement? We can evaluate the terms and help you negotiate.
  • Do you believe you are making a lot of concessions concerning child custody or property division? Before you enter into a final divorce decree, we can see if there is a different arrangement that might be more beneficial. We are creative problem-solvers who know how to think outside the box.
  • If you have been advised to settle, but would like to know if going to trial might be a better option, we can offer a second opinion explaining the possible outcomes and what we believe are your chances based on your case.
  • If you have been told a trial is your best option, before you invest money and time in litigation that can produce an unknown outcome, speak with our law firm. There might be additional options to reach a settlement that are available that should be looked into and we can help you utilize, such as mediation.
  • If a judgment has already been entered, we can analyze if you are eligible for a set-aside or an amendment.
  • Has your attorney told you that you are not eligible for a modification? Our knowledge and legal acumen allow us to shape arguments, negotiate and present cases effectively when we see changed circumstances that are grounds to modify or appeal an order.

We handle every second opinion situation on a case-by-case basis. Our Henderson family law attorneys will carefully listen to your situation. We will then assess your situation based on what current Nevada law allows and the complexities of your case. In some circumstances, we can provide you with information and an opinion to take to your attorney. In many other situations, we can take over representing you and help you achieve your desired outcome.


We also provide second opinions for other types of legal matters, including whether to accept a plea for a criminal defense charge. However, in all of these situations time is of the essence. There are statutes of limitations on filing a claim, an appeal or contesting a judgment or offer. The sooner you contact us for a second opinion, the sooner we can help you see what options are available and help you pursue them before time runs out.


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